• Soulcial - Impact Investment

    Soulcial is an online sustainable investments platform. Soulcial's new generation of investors have access to popular financial products and innovative investment opportunities, which are valued according to strict criteria for their social and environmental impact.


    Our vision could not be more clearly defined - we want to revolutionize the capital market. Investments are now made almost exclusively for financial profit. This must change in the future. Impact of the investment on society and the environment must also be included in the investment decision, in addition to financial factors.

    Soulcial is an online platform that allows private investors to invest capital without a minimum amount set and track its results. For the first time, Soulcial gives private investors access to a wide range of investment opportunities, which are prepared according to socially sustainable criteria. At the moment this option is only available to institutional and wealthy investors. Soulcial opens this market to a broad audience, helping private investors navigate the complexity of socially sustainable investments.


    Entering the program: October 2017, Berlin

    Contact: Mirco Nietlisbach, mirco(at)soulcial-invest.com