• "Platz da!"

    Who actually talks about art in our museums and exhibitions? For this question, the art education project "Platz da!" is set up in the art society nGbK. Here, space is made for different perspectives on art, room for art educators with "disability".

    ©Guido Korn

    "Platz da!" takes the buzz word inclusion seriously. That is why I, as a project initiator, give off my privilege to talk about art. I open my place as an art educator for others. They fill this place and talk from their perspective. In this way, I work behind the scenes with the staff of the Kunstverein <new society for fine arts>, because only when inclusion is lived there, it can also take place in front of the scenes, at the audience. The five women with really different "disabilities" and I work together behind and in front of the scenes of the nGbK. Talking to the artists and the curators, we approach the themes of the exhibition. In various formats, the artists, lyricists and art-linguists mediate the art to the visitors, while at the same time reduce reserves. In my role as a "room maker", I remain in the background and support where I am needed.


    Entering the program: October 2017, Berlin

    Contact: Stefanie Wiens, stefanie.wiens(at)gmail.com