• Freigeist

    Freigeist develops augmented reality solutions for enabling more job opportunities for people with mental weaknesses. Our aim is to make our users more independent and more self-confident.


    People with learning weaknesses, mental diseases or other cognitive limitations have very few possibilities to be part of the traditional work life. While within the last years, a wide range of protheses have been developed for people with physical disabilities, there are alarmingly few solutions for mentally disabled people. Therefore „Freigeist“ is working on an IT based protheses for people with mental diseases. This solution will enable them to fulfil a wider range of jobs and thereby give them more self-confidence in their daily life.
    Our solution provides step-by-step guidance to the employees by working with augmented reality. In our first project, we implement this technique at a restaurant, to guide through the procedures. The restaurants employees will be supported by video projections and sensors on the working surface (food ingrediances) to allow them to prepare food and menues according to certain recipes by themselves. The employees will be guided through the preparation process step by step with the help of icons and animations according to their personal capabilities.


    Entering the program: June 2017, Berlin

    Contact: Michael Thieke, michael.thieke(at)googlemail.com