• EduHeroes Club

    Education initiative dedicated to rethinking education. With an emphasis on helping learners discover personal potential, by promoting 21st century skills through project-based learning and design thinking.


    What is the goal of education? Preparing children for the future. Rapid technological advances and changes in global society require students to master a diverse range of skills to properly prepare them for a fast changing future full of challenges.

    EduHeroes has 2 main quests:


    • Offering workshops and projects, developing 21st Century Skills through Project-Based Learning and Design Thinking principals.
    • Bringing awareness to the topic of education, growing a strong community of likeminded education enthusiasts and showing what already works within the education system.



    Entering the program: 2017 Startery Professional Berlin

    Contact: Annemieke Frank, Gosia Moszyk, info@eduheroes.club