• Breakout. Café

    The goal of the Breakout café is to include and employ young adults that are disadvantaged in the labour market. For this, the Café is planned to help in vocational training. The café is based on the principles of Social Economy.


    The goal of the Breakout cafe is participation of disadvantaged young adults in the labour market. Within the project, young people get to know and experience their own competence and develop self-efficacy. Their skill spectrum will be broadened through vocational training measures in an actual job-surrounding. The content of the project is the opening of a cafe in the Bergmannstraße in Kreuzberg. In this street, there is a very distinct cultural landscape of cafes with an abundancy of possible customers. Thus, the young adults will be working within the context of a real-life job, they will have the chance to gain experience on-site instead of relying on mere theoretical studies, while there also will be seminaries and workshops accompanying the operational activities, along with personal coaching. The real-life job context will be experienced as motivational and significant. The development of professional action competence includes the mediation of gastronomic expertise as well as personal, character and social capabilities.

    To achieve these goals, a cafe will be founded where the young adults will be employed. The acquisition of the competencies will take place through practical work and accompanying seminaries and the according certificate will significantly improve their opportunities on the job market, while in addition we offer further support where needed.


    Contact: Jonathan Scheer, jonathan.scheer(at)breakout-berlin.de

    Entering the program: October 2017, Berlin