With ClearKarma you can check your food and make safer choices! Eating out might be a challenge for people with food allergies and other special dietary needs (vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, etc.). ClearKarma supports food companies to publish information about nutrition and allergens, in order to provide a multilingual web and mobile application for restaurants, bakery shops and catering companies. ClearKarma is an interactive food label and engages companies in a dialogue with their customers.

Food-related health problems like food allergies, diabetes and obesity are increasing. Eating out is a challenge for people who have a special diet as there is a lack of transparency. End of 2014 a game-changing EUregulation will support this information need and so does our solution, however food businesses don't have the tools to make this information easily, quickly and securely available as the issue is complex. Technology can support the data entry process, help analyse and show in an easy way what's in the food.

Contact Person: Sylvie Chin, Email


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