sPERANTO is a social artistic initiative with its main focus on education through dance (hip hop), especially in the personal development, for "at-risk" youth people in Germany, in South America (Ecuador) and in the world. The initiative was founded by Alica Paeske in 2014.


    The social artistic initiative sPERANTO was founded to support youth people in their personal development which can be achieved through the instrument of dance and can be transferred to all areas of life such as school, work or society. Thus sPERANTO has way more positive effects on the adolescents’ personal development than just the ability to dance.

    The innovative idea of sPERANTO is to enable the students to develop creative choreographies by themselves. In addition to the pedagogic-instructing work there will also take place a creative exchange. The initiative is designed to finish off with a final performance and/ or a dance video of the participants. The students learn to use social media in a new way by focusing on their hard work, talent and their personality.

    Apart from dancing, the improvement of the motor skills and the physical fitness, the main purpose of the initiative is the individual personal development of the participants through cooperation and teamwork. In this way, they are being taught values like respect, solidarity, endurance and discipline. Hence, the dancing class is characterized by the principles of fun, mutual respect and patience. The projects are pedagogically accompanied.

    Moreover, sPERANTO is involved in various social concerns such as a donation campaign for the indigenous community Huaorani in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador or the planned report on social discrimination to achieve a better mutual understanding in society.


    Contact: Alica Paeske, alica.paeske(at)gmail.com