• Sharing Goals

    Sharing Goal is a Online Portal to be developed in order to enable football coaches from disadvantaged countries access high quality training content.


    The aim of SHARING GOALS is to support football coaches involved in social projects.

    The whole content of the portal is focused in capacity building through knowledge transfer. Existing coaching platforms target mainly European or American coaches who have different problems than coaches in disadvantaged communities. In our portal, the content is adaptable to their specific realities and circumstances.

    As SHARING GOALS is an interactive tool, coaches will gain knowledge, use this knowledge and share it with others. The portal will include tools for team management, exercise database, eLearning modules, and a social video learning tool. To evaluate the progress, we plan to include an impact evaluation, where InFocus could be used.

    To promote the sustainability of the portal, the users will be trained to take over the responsibility and maintain the platform updated. According to our principle of sharing knowledge coaches will learn from each other and thus improve their impact.


    Entering the program: June 2017

    Contact: Sascha, s.bauer(at)ffwu.org