• Post Harvest Challenge

    The Post Harvest Challenge (PHC) project will offer an online platform that will facilitate the preservation of food and this way fight poverty in remote rural areas of African countries through the linking of relevant stakeholders, provision of context and usage of state of the art technologies.

    The Post Harvest Challenge (PHC) project will close an existing gap in fostering rural development in African countries and in providing income generating opportunities to people in remote areas. 
    The solution is based on the existence of numerous small scale solutions and technologies that have been tested in some instances for decades. The challenge is to link the right people with each other and assist in developing business models that can be viable and sustainable. This requires good understanding of the various aspects in the mix, such as technologies, access to finance, market information, local context and business modeling. 
    Due to limited processing and storage solutions existing food is lost mostly in remote areas of African countries. This leads to lost income. Worst of all the preservation of food during times of abundance is low and results in malnutrition or even hunger during seasons of low food availability. 
    The PHC project will offer an online platform, like a market place connecting technology providers in agro-processing and post harvest storage with farmers and rural communities, solving specific challenges and problems. PHC staff will facilitate to match the relevant stakeholders on the platform and offer additional services,like providing context to solution providers and potential technology users or linking further service providers on topics such as finances, certification, etc.


    Contact: Toni Hassenmeier, toni.hassenmeier(at)gmx.de