• Mit Rat und Tat

    We are a network of cross-disciplinary experts to support non-profit organisations ( social enterprise, NGO, Social Startup). Taking our rich experience, knowledge, contacts we like to support their social engaments using our monitoring approach so that they can reach their target groups.


    Often groups of engaged people team up centerd by an innovate idea (Startup); all members are chasing thier idea to make it reality even beyond thier personal work load. Such Startips often fail. Their great dedication is in vain; the idea gets lost, the potential of the talents gets lost as well. This is what we want to resolve with out network.

    We are a network of cross-disciplinary experts to support Startups by

    • joining our knowledge, experience, methods of operation as well as contacts by consulting and active collaboration.
    • arrainging appropriate resources in case of an uncomplete skill set
    • taking our experience of the collabaration to refine our mentoring methods
    • establishing a digital internet based platform to support the Startup community in best way possible

    We offer our support to build Startups

    • with social engagement in combination with sustainable thinking and acting
    • who want to be actively involved in our Design-Thinking based mentoring method helping us to refine it
    • by arranging contacts among themselves to sharpen Best Practices and bounce new ideas.

    Result-oriented succesful project work, designing and optimizing processes is part of our daily work set. All members have sufficent time for their disposal, are available on short time notice and are looking for a deeper sustainable and social engagement. Taking our broad contacts we can expand knowledge into additional areas of expertise.


    Contact: Volker Enders, MitRatUndTat(at)web.de