• Eure Nachbarn

    We are Eure Nachbarn (Your Neighbors) - or want to become it soon: Our organization offers shelter and space for personality development to unaccompanied minor refugees and local youth. At the same time, it is a meeting place by and for the neighborhood and other social or cultural initiatives.

    As Eure Nachbarn (Your Neighbors), we want to create a shelter as well as a space for personality development and encounter for young people with or without experiences of displacement under one roof.
    We offer youth welfare facilities, in which unaccompanied minor refugees find a shelter where the main focus is meeting the specific needs of these minors. 
    Beyond that, we want to provide space for young people to unfold their potentials and support and assist them to develop a positive outlook on life, regardless of their origin.
    The heart of our organization will be rooms that provide space for encounter, in order to break the elsewhere usual boundaries between youth welfare organizations and their social environment. Our goal is to thereby facilitate integration and permeability in all directions.
    Through networking, public relations and providing offers for all youngsters in the neighborhood, we intend to promote the integration and acceptance of our clients and spread our vision to the outside world.
    By organizing Eure Nachbarn as a collective social enterprise, we want to establish a working atmosphere, which is sustainably characterized by cooperation instead of competition. Our vision is an organization, where mutual appreciation, participation, empowerment, integration and a preferably sustainable way of living are being created and put into practice in a community.


    Contact: Susanne Hau-Othman, Alexandra Roth, mail(at)eurenachbarn.de