• Aslan&

    Aslan& supports you in times of crisis – through trustworthy peers who have gone through similar struggles and can share their experiences with you.

    Imagine that you get up one morning and think, “I’ve been feeling out of sorts for weeks, I have all this anxiety I never had before, I feel depressed, I have no energy, and I would rather just sleep!” You would like to talk to someone about it, but it also doesn’t feel quite right to start professional treatment. Or maybe one of your friends is experiencing these feelings.

    Aslan& uses an online platform to connect experienced and trustworthy mentors to people who are under emotional strain and who desire personal advice, conversation, or practical support. Entrepreneurs can connect to other entrepreneurs with persistent fatigue; professionals to other professionals with stress symptoms; mothers to other mothers with postpartum depression; students to other students with test anxiety. Many people who are under emotional stress just need to know that they are not alone. Stories full of hope from others who have managed to become healthy again, or the feeling that it is possible to be “normal” even with an illness. Community among equals. Not as a patient, but rather from one person to another.


    Contact: Nadine Bittner, nadinebittner(at)gmx.de