• Pukika

    Pukika INCEPTION is a multiplayer, mobile & VR, game to build a self-sufficient city. It's also a platform to test sustainability ideas and attend online events. The simulation will pave the way to develop software to manage real cities in a more self-sufficient way.


    By the year 2100, urban population will go from 4.5 to 9 billion. Today, we are just expanding cities that use an urban model designed for cars. Our development model regards inequality and environmental destruction as externalities. Finding a truly sustainable path is the biggest challenge of our time.

    We believe humanity is not done yet, not on our watch. We believe self-sufficiency is the ultimate expression of sustainability. We are developing Pukika INCEPTION, a multiplayer game/platform where users build and manage a self-sufficient city of 3 million.

    It's a collective puzzle where members contribute their knowledge and ideas to manage the resources found in the ecosystem to produce everything a modern city needs. Members can attend sustainability events such as courses, workshops or conferences.

    Pukika INCEPTION operates thru proprietary algorithms that keep track of the relationship among natural and human resources in an ecosystem. The algorithms shape the systems that run a modern city: transport system, healthcare, urban model, monetary system, economic model, etc.

    Once the systems perform satisfactorily and the simulation grows to 3 million, we could develop city management software to operate cities in the real world that want to be more sustainable.

    Pukika INCEPTION is for mobile platforms (Android & iOS) and has isometric & VR modes.


    Contact: Ronja Scholz, ronja(at)pukika.org