• CUBE. Your take on Europe

    CUBE. Your Take on Europe amplifies the voices of marginalised young people in Europe. CUBE relays a broad spectrum of narratives from across the EU to the political table in Brussels, building an inclusive participation channel to the EU and reinforcing pluralism in the European civil society.

    The politics of the European Union are determining our everyday life and future. Are, we the people shaping the EU and its policies? The European institutions and the civil society are not representing the socioeconomic, geographic and age diversity of the people living in Europe. CUBE wishes to bring fresh, young, and more diverse voices to the European civil society. 

    We aim at achieving this in three steps: CUBE gathers the ideas of young marginalized people through cooperating with educational institutions and marginalised communities. The ideas from across Europe are compiled in an idea spectrum, which enables CUBE to act as a European youth lobby to representing unheard voices. The Cooperation between CUBE, educational institutions, and marginalised communities revolves around CUBE’s unique idea template. Our Cooperation partners are educational organisations and workshop facilitators interacting with young people locally in schools or communities. The results from the workshops and discussions are sent to CUBE through an idea template. CUBE is a collecting point for young ideas on European politics. The Idea Spectrum showcases the compilation of the young ideas gathered by our partners. CUBE visualizes narratives usually excluded from European discussions and makes them accessible to a broad audience. The idea spectrum is channeled into multiple calls for action through the Lobby, which amplifies young marginalised voices in the European decision-making process. 


    Contact: Verena Riedmiller, v.riedmiller(at)cubeyourtake.eu