In Berlin Kreuzberg: The social impact lab for social businesses
In Berlin Kreuzberg: The social impact lab for social businesses
  • Workplaces, coaching & consulting for social entrepreneurs, freelancers and corporations

  • Function rooms, events, conferences, seminars - Reserve our rooms for your activity!

  • For social entrepreneurs and with social entrepreneurs - at our Lab the subject determines the programme.

  • Events

    Alina Hodzode von One2bloom gibt dir einen Überblick über die wichtigsten Online Marketing Tools und taucht mit dir gemeinsam tiefer in das Thema Content Marketing ein!

    Our Social Impact fellows and other social entrepreneurs share their failure stories - Be part of our pulic event!

    Ein Überblick über sozialunternehmerische Geschäftsmodelle

  • social impact lab Berlin

    Our Lab offers space for co-working, events, workshops and seminars on social innovation and entrepreneurship. Social startups, corporations, such as Ashoka Germany, freelancers and all who are in some way engaged in social business find their place here. We regard ourselves as catalysts for a new and sustainably-oriented movement. We want to initiate change and support all those who wish to make a positive impact on our society – with new products, services, projects and ideas.



Social Impact Lab Berlin is a project of Social Impact, enabled by SAP.